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Spectrum Security & Fire Systems are based in Windsor, Berkshire and offer a fully inclusive service to clients throughout the Thames Valley & London. We're experts in providing protection against security risks for your business or home. 

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Fully Compliant & Robust Fire Systems

Spectrum Security will take a 360 degree view of your business to develop a comprehensive assessment of your needs. We will carry out a full survey and provide proposals for a fully compliant direct detection and alarm system.
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  • Experienced & security vetted engineers to BS7858 including enhanced DBS
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Our team have experience working with and integrating intruder alarms from leading brands (see all) including:

Latest News from Spectrum

By Catherine Dove 02 Aug, 2017

Are you constantly having to remember hundreds of different passwords on a daily basis? Do you write down passwords on post-it notes? Wouldn’t you love to have just one password for everything? Single credential security or Single sign on (SSO) technology makes logging into your online platforms quicker and more convenient, whilst also offering multiple other benefits to the reliability of your security.

Here are a couple of the advantages:

  • No more password fatigue. Don’t you hate it when you have to remember multiple passwords? Or the ‘You need to reset your password’ notification? SSO means you only have to remember one powerful password, meaning vulnerable post-it note, phone and online password lists disappear.
  • Boost productivity. The frustration and time-wasting that comes hand in hand with multiple passwords will be reduced, meaning extra productive time will quickly add up!

By Catherine Dove 20 Jul, 2017

It doesn’t take a lot to upgrade the security of your home, but the benefits of completing a few small security procedures are huge. Houses with these simple security measures are five times less likely to be burgled, so get to it now before it’s too late.

  1. Install good outside lighting. This deters burglars as the chances of being seen are much higher.
  2. Have one of your neighbours keep an eye on your property, and make a deal to do the same for theirs.
  3. Install a burglar alarm that is obviously visible - this will act as a deterrent as well as a security device.
  4. Use timed lighting to make it look like someone is home when there is nobody in the house.
  5. You can’t be too careful when locking doors. Even when you are just popping out, or you are out in the garden, remember to double lock your door.
  6. Ensure side gates are locked securely to prevent access via the rear of the property. Climbing garden fences is also a possible entrance, so ensure they are in good condition.
  7. Secure bikes at home by locking them to an immoveable object inside a locked shed or garage.
  8. Ensure your garage door is constantly locked and secured to prevent burglaries of garage valuables. Garage security is also essential because tools found within could be used to break into your home. Always keep ladders and tools stored away.
  9. Trim high hedges and avoid high fencing (unless it surrounds your whole property) at the front of your house. This will increase natural surveillance from neighbours and passers by, so that burglars are more likely to be spotted within the property.
  10. Join and register your property for free at  https://www.immobilise.com/
  11. A neighbourhood watch scheme is a great way to increase security. Consider joining one or setting up your own.
  12. Always store high value items such as jewellery and passports in a secure safe or vault.
By Ellie McDaniel 05 Jul, 2017
S2 have released a new version of their Magic Monitor system, creating an even more unified security management experience. Version 4.2 is a recommended upgrade to enhance the overall performance, whilst simplifying the activation process. 

New Features

  • Enhanced performance when viewing video from multiple video servers

  • Improved VMS discovery to ensure all attached cameras are properly identified and displayed

  • Updated licensing activation within S2 Cumulus cloud service to ensure all activated product information is stored

  • Resolved connectivity issues with traffic service provider in S2 Magic Monitor Professional

By Catherine Dove 26 Jun, 2017

Is your office space being redesigned, renovated or developed? Or can you see it happening in the near future?

Spectrum Security work with a number of well established companies to support the design and development of security and fire systems for large office spaces. Our longterm experience with office fit-out companies means that we can seamlessly integrate security system design, CCTV, fire alarm systems and portable fire fighting equipment into the layout and design of the office space.

By Catherine Dove 02 Jun, 2017

Our home security systems can embed a range of security features, from smartphone remote control to email alerts and video verification. However, these additional precautions become pointless if your security alarm code is too predictable. We’ve gathered a couple of tips to ensure that you can rely on your security code keeping your home safe and protected.

Avoid the obvious.

Particularly with families, it is common for simple codes to be chosen that they are easy to remember, such as a date of birth or the last 4 digits of a phone number. These can be accessed easily by strangers, so don’t risk choosing one this simple through lack of effort. Selecting a password such as 1111 or 1234 is blatantly not a good idea, although many people just use the system’s default code!

By Catherine Dove 17 May, 2017

Are you looking forward to a well deserved summer holiday? We want to make sure you can relax and let go, whilst knowing that your house is safe and secure from burglars whilst you are chilling by the pool. Here are a couple of tips to give you peace of mind:

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